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Sport Knee Wrap Cold/Hot Therapy Pack

Sport Knee Wrap Cold/Hot Therapy Pack

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    Name:                             Sport knee wrap cold/hot therapy pack

    Material:                          Neoprene wrap and gel pack

    Model Number:               KK-RP-A KN

    Microwave or Freezer:    50 seconds microwave or at least 2 hours freezing

    Apply:                              Both cold and hot therapy

    Size:                                Different sizes available

    Brand:                             OEM service available

    Packing:                          Retail or bulk packing

    Supply Ability:                 3,000 pieces per day

    Delivery:                          25~30 days after order confirmed


    1). Knee arthritis

    2). Patellofemoral stress syndrome

    3). Pre-patellar bursitis

    4). Iliotibial band friction syndrome

    5). Post-operative pain and swelling

    6). Tendonitis

    7). Generalized knee pain and swelling


    1). Durable, washable, soft material is guaranteed to last

    2). Elastic straps are easy to adjust and provide customized fit and compression

    3). Includes cold/hot packs that remain flexible during use and resist displacement

         under pressure

    4). Cold/hot pack pouches are movable and adjustable so you can place the ice or

         heat exactly where you need it.

    5). Wrap provides compression while still allowing for mobility.

  • Perfect therapy tool

    This knee wrap is the ideal solution to provide therapeutic ice or heat to your knee. Many gel packs compress and displace when applied to the knee, and adding compression to your ice treatment can be difficult and cumbersome. This knee wrap comes complete with 2 cold/hot packs to provide all-round knee coverage that won't leak, bulge, or displace. That means the ice or heat stays exactly where you need it.

    Experts view

    Using ice for acute inflammation and then switching to heat for chronic stiffness and pain is very important. With this wrap, you have access to both therapeutic cryotherapy and soothing heat. Plus, provides superior compression while icing or heating to help control swelling. After surgery, you need ice and compression to help relieve the pain and manage the swelling in your knee. This knee wrap is the ideal therapy tool to use after knee surgery. It is also perfect to use for other lower extremity injuries to your calf, shin, quad, or hamstring.

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