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Moist Heat Dry Eye Compresses

Moist Heat Dry Eye Compresses

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    Name:                      Moist Heat Dry Eye Compresses

    Material:                   Cotton & natural mineral beads

    Model Number:        KK-RP-N 220

    Microwave:               20 seconds

    Apply:                       3~5 minutes

    Size:                         Different sizes available

    Brand:                      OEM service available

    Packing:                  1 pcs/PE bag + instruction sheet/color box, 12 color boxes/master carton

    Supply Ability:         10,000 pieces per day


    1). Provides dry eye relief

    2). Replenishes moisture

    3). Refreshes & relieves eyes


    1). Replenishes moisture

    2). Promotes immediate relief

    3). Safe for daily use

    4). Washable & reusable

    5). Non-allergenic

    6). Doctor recommended

    7). No mess

    8). Easy to use

  • Clean soothing moist heat

    This moist heat dry eye compress contains natural mineral beads that continuously absorb and store water molecules from the air. When microwaves, the compress releases clean soothing moist heat. There is no need to add water, no waiting and no mess.

    Fast acting dry eye relief

    There are glands located in your eyelids that continually product oil. This oil mixes with your tears to keep them properly hydrated. When these glands become blocked your tears evaporate rapidly resulting in dry, gritty, irritated eyes. An application of moist heat is recommended to treat dry eyes. This moist heat dry eye compress makes this easy and convenient. It heats quickly in the microwave to provide soothing moist heat to open blocked glands and relieve dryness.

    Daily use will keep your eyes refreshed & hydrated... naturally. May be used as often as desired for mild to moderate dry eye discomfort.


    Not for use on children under 2 years of age

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