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Dry Eye Compress

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    Material:                   Cotton & natural beads

    Model Number:        KK-RP-N 200

    Apply:                       Dry eye relief both cold and hot therapy

    Size:                         Different sizes available


    1). Natural add moisture to eyes

    2). Relieve eye fatigue, dry eye, eye edema, palpebral fissure and blepharitis

    3). Improve the health of the skin around the eyes.

  • Summary

    When you feel tired or uncomfortable of your eyes or back or neck, please do not rub them or temporarily relieve with eye drops. This microwave moist heat compress can safely and effectively relieve dry eyes, fatigue, eye itching, and other symptoms, back ache and neck uncomfortable. More over, can improve the health of the skin around the eyes. Only needs microwave heating and hot compresses.


    Put it in microwave oven for 20 seconds, please test the temperature by your hand before using. Do not use it with contact lenses. Please read the instructions carefully before use. Add mild detergent for hand washing. Do not machine wash. Do not disassemble. Filler are not edible.

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