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Elasto Gel Pack

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    Material:                          Elasto gel leak proof gel

    Model Number:               KK-RP-B 230

    Apply:                              Both cold and hot therapy

    Size:                                Different sizes available


    Help to reduce and relief the pain and uncomfortable from:

    1). Pre/Post physical activities

    2). Sore Muscles/Arthritis

    3). Sprains/Swelling and etc.

  • Summary
    This multi-purpose therapy wrap is designed for provide moist heat therapy or soothing cold therapy for relief of minor muscle aches and pains caused by injury, tension or muscle fatigue. The wrap is held comfortably in place with hook and loop type closures, which allow user to move around during therapy.
    Recommended size for leg, thigh, knee, ankle, elbow, forehead, shoulder, chest or back.
    The elastic gel is flat and will not move around with best body comfort. The gel is special, namely non-leaking gel.


    For hot use, put gel pack flat in microwave oven to heat, the heating time depends on the different items;

    For cold use, freeze gel pack at least 2 hours in freezing chamber before using.

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