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Multipurpose Hot Cold Beads Wrap

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    Material:                          Gel beads and phthalate free PVC

    Model Number:               KK-RP-C 900

    Apply:                              Both cold and hot therapy

    Size:                                Customized


    This kind of cold & hot packs have good performance therapy for pain, tension, body aches, swelling and bruises with nice appearance. Innovative soft gel beads provide long lasting cold relief to your body.

    Multipurpose use for different area: Back, waist, knee, leg, hip and shoulder.

  • Summary 
    None-toxic, phthalate free; Relieve the discomfort or aches of strenuous workouts, household chores and arthritis; Flexible velcro keeps comfortably fixed even in a workout; Remain flexible after freezing; Microwaveable and reusable.


    For hot use, put gel pack flat in microwave oven to heat, the heating time depends on different items;

    For cold use, freeze gel pack at least 2 hours in freezing chamber before using.

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