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Air Activated Back & Hip Heat Wrap

Air Activated Back & Hip Heat Wrap

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    Name:                             Air activated Back & Hip Heat Wrap

    Material:                          Non woven material

    Model Number:               KK-IW-N Back

    Apply:                              Reduce pain with natural heat

    Size:                                13*9.5cm

    Brand:                             OEM service available

    Packing:                          4 pcs heat pad and 1 pc fabric wrap into retail box

    Supply Ability:                 60,000 pieces per day

    Delivery:                          25~30 days after order confirmed


    Provide relief of minor muscular, joint aches, pains associated with over exertion, sprains and arthritis.


    1). Air-activated

    2). 8 hours relief

    3). Ultra-thin, comfortable, discreet, odorless

    4). One size (fits most)

  • Summary 
    Back pain is often caused by tight muscles. Air activated back & hip heat wraps deliver 8 hours of continuous, therapeutic warmth and keep relieving pain after you take it off. The American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends real heat as a first defense against acute lower back pain. These single-use wraps are designed to provide pain relief at home or on the go.

    Please read all instructions and warnings before use. To reduce the risk of burns, fire and personal injury, this product must be used in accordance with the warnings and use instructions. Open the plastic wrapper when ready to use. Insert one heat pad into each of the two pockets of the wrap. Do not insert more than one pad per pocket. Make sure inside of heatwrap pad labeled "This side toward body" is facing your skin. Position the pockets with the heat pads over the desired spot. Stretch the wrap around your body and secure it for a custom fit. For maximum effectiveness, you should wear it for 8 hours. Do not use for more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period. It may take up to 30 minutes for the wrap to reach maximum temperature.

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