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Ultra Comfort -- Moist Heat Neck & Shoulder Wrap

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    Material:                                     Ultra soft fabrics & mineral beads

    Item Number:                             KK-RP-N 1100U

    Package:                                    as required

    Size:                                           46*35cm or Customized

  • Moist heat provides better relief for chronic pain

    1). Moist heat wraps is with ultra soft fabric makes most comfortable therapy feelings. 

    2). Deeply penetrates to relax sore muscles and aching joints. 

    3). Quickly increases circulation in the treated area to flush away the chemicals that cause pain. 

    4). Beads are not like grains, seeds, gels, herbs and organically treated pellets used in other microwave products. It is naturally odour and bacteria free, continuously draws water from the air, purifies and holds it until microwaving releases it as "clean" deeply penetrating moist heat. With proper care it will last for many years.

    Use instructions

    1). Simply microwave moist heat pack for 1 minute.

    2). Do not microwave too long time, and always touch test before applying, as microwave ovens vary in power.

    3). Apply to painful area for deeply penetrating moist-heat therapy for up to 30 minutes.

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