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Dry Eye - Moist Heat Eye Compress

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    Material:                   Fabric & natural beads

    Item Number:           KK-RP-N 220

    Package:                  as required

    Size:                         22*9cm one size fits all

    Function: Relief of symptoms associated with:

    Blepharitis, Dry Eye Disease, Meibomian Gland Disease, styes and chalazia.

    1). Stimulates glands to produce more oil;

    2). Prevents tears from evaporating too quickly;

    3). Improves blood circulation;

    4). Helps to relax the eyes;

    5). Increases comfort.

  • Features

    1). Temperature retaining micro beads for long lasting hot therapy;

    2). Naturally-hydrating micro beads for deep penetrating, moist heat therapy;

    3). Latex free - non-allergenic - anti-bacterial. With proper care makes many years reusable, much better than traditional grains, herbs, seeds or gels.

    4). Contouring shape for full contact;

    5). Adjustable closure for proper compression;

    6). Soft cloth fabric for added comfort;

    7). Reusable, washable and durable to last longer.


    Put it in microwave oven for 20 seconds, please test the temperature by your hand before using. Do not use it with contact lenses. Please read the instructions carefully before use. Add mild detergent for hand washing. Do not machine wash. Do not disassemble. Filler are not edible.

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