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Detox Foot Patch

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    Material:                          Wood/bamboo vinegar extracts, chitin, tourmaline, etc.

    Item Number:                  KK-IW-N 6.5

    Package:                         Polybag, retail box or customized

    Size:                                6*8cm or customized

  • Suitable for people who:

    1). Love beauty and want to be slim;

    2). Have health problem;

    3). Semi-healthy people;

    4). Use computer for long time and have big working pressure;

    5). Stand or work for long time;

    6). Suffering pain on neck, shoulder, waist, etc.;

    7). Feel pain and swelling on legs and feet.


    Open packaging to take out the cartridge fixed.

    Rip solid stick.

    Please clean the soles, foot bath down or side for better result, apply during sleep a piece is recommended every 8 hours.

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