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Heat Patch - Stick to Skin

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    Name:                      Heat patch - stick to skin

    Item Number:           KK-IW-N 45-S

    Outer Material:         PE + Nylon, Non-woven

    Inner Material:          Iron powder, activated carbon, Vermiculite, salt

    Size & Weight:          As required

    Package:                  OEM Bulkware/Retail box/Display

  • Features

    12 hours of stable heat.

    Self adhesive and safe heat that stays in place directly on skin for long lasting pain relief.

    Air Activated.

    Comfortable & disposable premium soft touch woven fabric stays flat for optimum heat application and pain relief.


    Open the outer pouch and take out the heat patch, then leave the internal pack to react with air.

    It needs around 20 minutes to reach its therapeutic temperature.

    Apply it on the affected area.

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