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Air Activated Heat Patches

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    Name:                      Heat patches

    Item Number:           KK-IW-N45 Standard, KK-IW-N50 Neck & Shoulder, KK-IW-N35 Menstrual, KK-IW-N40 Belt

    Outer Material:         Non-woven

    Inner Material:          Iron powder, activated carbon, Vermiculite, salt

    Size & Weight:          As required

    Package:                  OEM Bulkware/Retail box/Display

  • Features 

    1. Disposable and portable product, easy to provide temporary relief for minor muscle, joint aches, and pains associated with everexertion, strains, sprains and arthritis.

    2. Direct on skin, gradually get warm and last for up to 24 hours. No more than 8 hours therapy is recommended by doctors.

    3. Take up 30 minutes to reach its therapeutic temperature. Enjoy pain therapy relief.


    Open the outer pouch and take out the heat patch, then leave the internal pack to react with air.

    It needs around 20 minutes to reach its therapeutic temperature.

    Apply it on the affected area.

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