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Elastic Cold Hot Pack with Wrap

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    Name:                      Elastic cold hot pack with wrap

    Item Number:           KK-RP-E 670

    Outer Material:         Polyamide + Spandex wrap

    Inner Material:          Leak-proof gel

    Size & Weight:          As required

    Package:                  OEM Bulkware/Retail box

  • Features

    1). Constructed with a specially formulated gel with exceptional heat-transferring properties;

    2). Never break even punctured and remains usable;

    3). Can be cooled in a refrigerator or freezer or heated in a microwave or conventional oven;


    For cold therapy: store the wrap in the freezer for a minimum of two hours. It may be left in the freezer indefinitely until ready to use. It will remain flexible even at -28. Remove the wrap prior to defrosting the freezer. Note: always store products in a plastic bag while in freezer.

    For heat therapy: the most convenient method of heating the wrap is in a microwave oven. Suggested heating times: 600-700 watt microwave: 30-45 seconds per side, 1100 watt: 30 seconds per side. Note: all microwaves vary in heating and may have "hot spots" Be cautious when heating. Wait one minute before using.

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